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Data-driven analytics to support your healthcare decisions

What’s driving your health plan spend? How does it compare nationally? What really works to control your costs?

Davidson leverages Springbuk Health Intelligence platform. Beyond legacy data warehouses and analytics solutions, Health Intelligence allows us to understand what to DO with the data, rather than spending hours simply analyzing it. Springbuk serves up curated information and strategies that show what is most relevant and actionable in your population to effectively manage your investment in your plan and people.

With Springbuk, we have transparent access to data that is updated monthly in order to identifying cost drivers, savings opportunities, and measure the impact of programs that have been implemented ensuring we’re seeing the desired ROI.

We look at every possible angle of your data in order to understand not only the root cause of trends but also predict what your largest risks are where we can still intervene. We will analyze Gaps in Care, Claims, Risk Stratification, Biomarkers, YOY claims cost trend, forecasted cost trends, Sample Clinic, Rx, Financials & Utilization, Stop-Loss & Claim Lag, High Cost Claimants, Benchmarking, Recurring Plan Performance, and more.

In partnering with the most advanced intelligence platform on the market, we commit to working smarter, not harder – and drive the highest degree of results for your organization. Your people are your most valuable asset and we aim to protect your investment in them.

Springbuk is a HIPAA Compliant Cloud Infrastructure, SOC 2 Type 2 Certified, and built on the world’s largest and most secure hosting platform, Amazon Web Services.