Deby Butzer

Account Manager

Deby Butzer’s first interest in health insurance began when she started working as a Customer Service Representative at a local health insurance carrier.  This progressed into several years working for local carriers as a Claims Examiner, Claims Auditor, Claims Trainer and Systems Administrator.  Then, she moved onto the brokerage side of the business as an Account Manager and Benefit Consultant where she had the pleasure of working directly with her clients to provide health plan solutions.  Now, after over 20 years working at brokerage firms, Deby remains committed to helping her clients understand the mechanics of health insurance today.

Deby earned the designation of Health Care Anti-Fraud Associate and continues to learn about the cost impact of health care fraud on our health care system.

Deby enjoys gardening and volunteering in her local community.  She and her husband of over 35 years spend much of their time at home enjoying home projects and sharing laughs every day.